Songs from A Goofy Movie

On The Open Road

Do you need a break from
modern living?
Do you long to shed your weary load?
If your nerves are raw and your
brain is fried
just grab a friend and take a ride
Upon the open road
Come on, Maxie

All in all, I'd rather have detention
All in all, I'd rather eat a toad(ugh!)
And the old man drives like
such a klutz,
That I'm about to hurl my guts directly
Upon the upon road

There's nothin' can upset me
'Cause now we're on our way
Our trusty map will guide us
straight and true

Roxanne, please don't forget me
I will return someday
Though I may be in traction
when I do

Me and Max relaxin' like the old days
(This is worse than dragon breath
and acne)
In a buddy-buddy kind of mode
(I'm so mad, I think I may explode)
When I see that highway I could cry
(You know, that's funny, so could I)
Just being out on the open road!

Howdy boys, is this the way
to Nashville?
Watch it, Mac, or you'll be
getting towed!
I'm in no hurry to arrive
'Cause I'll be turning sixty-five
The next time I sees the open road

Just a week of rest and relaxation
And the odd romantic episode-
very odd!
And it's Californ-i-a or bust
Look out, you dirtbags, eat my dust!
From now on I own the open road

It's me and little Maxie, my
pip-squeak pioneer
They're partners forever-whestward ho!
Yee ha!
Could someone call a taxi
And get me outta here
To Beverly Hills 9-0-2-1-0

Oh! Ev'ry day another new adventure
Ev'ry mile another new zip code
And the cares we had are
gone for good
(And I'd go with them if I could)
I got no strings on me
I'm feeling fancy-free
How wonderful to be
On the open road